My Philosophy and Mission

I believe LIFE is our biggest teacher. The challenging events and circumstances we encounter offer the possibility for growth and transformation into who we truly are.


Your symptoms are a call from your heart/soul/unconscious to pay more attention. They will lead you to their root and your core, where you are being held captive by the beliefs formed when you were a child that may no longer serve you. Treasure lies buried there.


A crossroads is actually an opportunity to free yourself from the past and take your life to the next level. You can either see yourself as broken and needing fixing, or you can allow yourself to be broken open.

We find the light in our darkest moments. And the light is deep in us all.


It takes a lot of compassion for oneself to make this journey, and often that is the important ingredient missing when you encounter the painful psychic and energetic blocks that are causing problems in your life. You are not being punished but rather called to a greater degree of freedom should you decide to accept the challenge.


If you can embrace this time in your life for learning a new way of living instead of fighting or resisting it, you will be rewarded far beyond what you can imagine right now. It requires trust and faith in the process. It requires a willingness to dig deep and, yes, honestly open to pain. It is not a free ride.


But it is also about opening to joy and laughter and love and compassion. And there are often other delightful surprises along the way.

You are so much vaster than who you think you are.


By setting the intention to relate to your life and the therapeutic process in this way, together we will create sacred space for you and your journey. We will invite the alchemical process of transformation and provide a safe container in which it can happen.

My mission is to be the mid-wife to the birthing of your true self and the sense of purpose that will emerge with it.

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