In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, I can’t imagine anything more practical than a daily meditation or contemplative practice. It has been the single most steadying force in my life for over thirty years. If you are looking for something to help you through these difficult times, I highly recommend developing a daily meditation practice. 

I know many people have tried to meditate and failed, so I want to assure you that I teach an easy, innovative approach that anyone can do! Seriously. So often it’s our ideas about meditation that get in the way.

We idealize certain states and then create tension by striving to achieve them. And then when these perfect states are not attained or able to be sustained, we blame ourselves and beat ourselves up for being a failure! And so often, it is the very effort that is getting in the way.

There is also a discounting of the experience we are having, which is a misunderstanding of what meditation truly is. I teach a gentle, easy, more feminine approach to meditation that supports an exploration of your inner world and increases awareness.

You learn how to allow your unique experience to unfold naturally, not judging anything as unacceptable or mundane.

Meditating in this way, you will find that calm, tranquil states arise without the use of technique, and qualities such as acceptance, compassion, equanimity, patience, honesty, kindness, and friendliness towards self and others are slowly developed over time.

The Group Experience

I will be guiding you into a 30 minute period of silent meditation and afterwards you’ll have time to journal. Then there will be an opportunity for some to share about what happened in their meditation.

People learn and grow from hearing each other’s experiences and also from my gentle inquiry and teaching. I use my experience both as a therapist and a meditation teacher to guide the development of each person’s meditation practice and personal process.

You may read more about this method in my meditation booklet.


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My Experience & Education

Personally, I’ve been meditating on a daily basis since 1988 and practicing Buddhist Vipassana meditation since I did my first retreat in 1995. I’ve sat numerous Vipassana retreats with many different teachers, including two 1-month long retreats.

In 2005 I met and began studying, as well as training to teach, with Jason Siff of the Skillful Mediation Project. I have taken and adapted what I learned from him and been teaching since 2006.

In the last ten years I have gotten interested in other approaches to meditation and awakening and have studied and sat with other teachers. My approach is a synthesis of what I’ve learned works both from my own continually changing practice and from teaching others. My goal is to guide and empower you to find what works for you.


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