Individual Therapy

Are you tired of hitting up against the same wall over and over?

Of living in the shadow of your fears and self-doubts?

Do you long for a different life but despair ever being able to have what you want?

Don’t give up on your dreams.


Change and growth are natural processes. But like plants, we need the right conditions in which to grow and thrive. So often these are missing.

I am here to help

Encouragement, support, validation, compassion, and understanding. These are the nutrients I supply as you learn to provide them for yourself.

Together we will explore and unravel the psychic and energetic knots that are preventing you from embodying your true self and living the life you want.

Using a potent blend of psychotherapy, bodywork, energy, work, and meditation we will go beyond just talking and get to the roots of your suffering.

We will tap into the rich pool of innate wisdom and healing that lies deep in your body and psyche.

You are so much bigger and vaster than you can imagine right now!

You have untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

Let’s unleash your precious life energy so you can channel it into the creative, passionate life you deserve.



Don’t let fear and insecurity keep you playing small. Life wants more from you just as much as you want more from it!

Seize the moment!  Call now: 505-577-4607

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