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Are you feeling isolated? Alone? Longing for deeper relationships?

Go from “Me” to “We!

Deepen your connections from a place of embodied presence.

Facilitated Embodied Relating Process Group in Santa Fe

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Within the safety of skilled facilitation, we will explore together the hopes we all have for emotional closeness and the fears that usually keep its possibility out of reach.

Together we will forge the deep, honest bonds for which we all long.

What is embodied presence?

It is the awareness and fullness of being we bring when we turn our attention inwards to what is arising moment-to-moment in our experience.

You will be guided and taught a practice that cultivates this capacity and which will be helpful in your daily life.

Group Forming Now!

Tuesday Evenings 7-9 PM

Limited to 8 people.


Facilitated by Diana Lightmoon, LPCC, LMT,  psychotherapist, bodyworker, and meditation teacher. Diana, founder and therapist for Lotus Heart Wisdom, has been leading groups for over 30 years.


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