Psychedelic Integration

At some point you may want to go deeper in your healing and use psychedelic and plant medicines for opening doorways that can

accelerate your process and/or move beyond an impasse. For the right person, at the right time, using the right medicine, this can

be an appropriate choice.

Or you may want to use psychedelics and plant medicines as part of your spiritual journey or to enhance your creativity.

Whatever the reason, preparation is an essential element to working with these sacred substances. Being clear about your intention

beforehand and paying sufficient attention to creating set and setting are important.

I can help you:

a) assess if this is the right choice for you at this time and which medicines would be most useful given your situation and goals.

b) set realistic and clear intentions for your journey

c) find and/or create the set and setting that will optimize you having a positive outcome

Equally important in working with psychedelic medicines is the period after the session in which you will be integrating the lessons

learned into your psyche, soul, and life. Meditation, movement and bodywork, expressive arts, writing, and verbally expressing and

processing your experience can all facilitate your integration process.

I can help you find your own unique path for processing and integrating your psychedelic

experience as well as support you through the life changes these medicines often


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