This blog post is by Claire Wentz, creator of Caring From Afar and author of the upcoming book, Caring from Afar: A Comprehensive Guide for Long-Distance Senior Caregivers. Claire is a former home health nurse and recognizes that our aging population means many more people will become senior caregivers over the years. Specifically, she is interested in providing assistance and support to those caregivers who do not live near their loved ones. She hopes her writing will inform them, uplift them, and give them peace of mind when they need it.

Even if you don’t live in the same city as a senior loved one, you can still help them thrive. Fortunately, technology and the ability to research services remotely can allow you to assist from a distance. 

Install a Smart Doorbell

Discuss the option of a smart doorbell. This technology allows your relation to see who’s outside their door. That way, they know if they should answer the door. On the other hand, some smart doorbells allow the individual to speak through a two-way audio system. This means your loved one can address the visitor without ever opening their door. Your loved one can even monitor package deliveries with certain makes and models. 

Consider a Medical Alert System

Suggest your loved one have a medical alert system. With this system, your loved one can have emergency medical attention arrive at their door without ever phoning for help. Instead, your relation wears a device. If they fall or need emergency assistance for another reason, they merely push a button. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one can receive care any time of the day or night. 

Discuss Services to Assist

Taking care of a home includes an extensive list of responsibilities, such as doing the dishes after each meal, sweeping floors, and scrubbing the tubs. Outdoors, your loved one will need to trim hedges, mow grass, prune trees and bushes, and possibly pull up weeds

This is a great deal of responsibility for anyone. Take time to discuss with your loved one which chores they are having difficulty tackling. Talk to them about hiring people to assist.

Let’s say your loved one needs help from a chimney sweep to inspect the chimney and give it a thorough clean. Your first task would be to search for chimney inspection and cleaning near me. Don’t forget to check out reviews and compare prices. Keep in mind that the cost may range from $100 to $300, depending on the services your loved one requires. 

Find Your Loved One a Therapist

Life can be lonely and stressful, especially as a person ages. If you can’t always be there, search for someone who can. Help your loved one find a local therapist they can talk to when times get rough. Compare your options based on experience and education. Once you decide, talk to your loved one and let them know you feel it’s for the best. 

Help Your Loved One Find Apps to Make Life Easier 

Find apps to manage your loved one’s medications or health in general. They can get friendly reminders to take their medications at the correct times. You can also find apps that have information regarding the drugs so your relation can easily identify a side effect. 

Consider looking for doctors and mental health specialists that offer telehealth visits to prevent your loved one from having to leave the house. 

Make Your Loved One’s Life Better from Afar

You don’t have to reside near your loved one to help them live their best life. Use this guide to provide care from afar to your aging relative.