From “Me” to “We”

From the moment we are conceived, we rely on connection to survive. Our brains are wired for this. And yet so often we feel alone. Sometimes unbearably so.

Group work is a way to undo this aloneness, to feel our connection to others and realize our common humanity. We are all in this together.

Our patterns, for better or worse, have all been learned in relationship and in groups made up of our families, peers, and culture.

In group work we can have different experiences that connect us in healthy, supportive ways and change dysfunctional, isolating patterns.


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Current Groups

Embodied Relating Process Group

Starting with a guided meditation to bring you more fully into your body and your inner experience, you will be invited to share what is most alive for you in this moment and in your life. From this experience of embodied presence, you can connect to yourself and the others in the group more deeply.

In the safety of my facilitation, you will be guided to take the risk of being vulnerable in the presence of supportive others. We will explore together the hopes we all have for emotional closeness and the fears that usually keep its possibility out of reach. Together we will forge the deep, honest bonds for which we all long.

Meditation Group

With the fast pace and high stress of modern life, a daily meditation practice is an essential tool for slowing down and keeping life and oneself in perspective.

I teach a gentle, easy, more feminine approach to meditation that supports an exploration of your inner world and increases awareness. Anyone can do this practice!

In this 6-week group, we sit for 45 minutes, journal afterwards, and then each person has the opportunity to talk about what happened in his or her meditation.

Group members grow close and learn from each other in sharing their lives and meditative experiences.

Active Hope Groups/Workshops:

How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy

We live at a precipitous time on the planet in a dangerously escalating political situation. In these groups/workshops, I offer teachings and experiential processes designed to awaken us to the promise in the planetary crisis and empower us to act with authority on behalf of life and the Earth.

Based on the Work That Reconnects developed by Joanna Macy, these groups/workshops draw from deep ecology, living systems theory, new developments in consciousness as well as ancient spiritual traditions.

Their purpose is to undo our aloneness in these times and grow our courage, resilience, and solidarity for the healing of our world as well as ourselves.

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