Building Bridges to What You Want

Happy New Year! As we move out of the holidays and into the beginning of another year, it is traditional to set goals and intentions, or what’s commonly known as New Year’s resolutions. I’d like to suggest a slight variation on that theme. I spent New Years’ Eve day...

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On Letting Go

Halloween is a time of the year when we make fun of our fears. The haunted house. Goblins and ghosts. Black cats and ravens. Death is in the air. We don’t often contemplate our mortality until it’s foisted on us by tragedy. And even now it masquerades as children’s...

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Outing Your Anger

For some people anger comes easily, but for some of us it lays low beneath the surface. This is especially true for many women who have learned early in life to be good little girls, you know, sugar and spice and all that. But being good and “nice” has its...

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Are you truly connected?

In this digital age, where connectivity is measured by how many friends one has on Facebook, it is easy to get confused about what real intimacy is and how to create the close emotional connections that truly nourish our hearts. It is sad to see how our hand-held...

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Making Friends with Your Mind

What I hear most often from people who have tried to meditate and find it difficult is that they can’t stop their internal mental chatter. They set themselves up for failure by making this their litmus test of whether they are meditating or not. I find this so sad and...

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Keep on Paddling!

My partner and I have been kayaking up the Rio Grande from Cochiti Lake every summer for the last 15 years. The river has been progressively taking back the lake as water levels decline. Places we used to be able to get to by boat are no longer accessible. There's one...

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The Path of Freedom

As the Fourth of July approaches, I find myself contemplating the concept of freedom. Like most Americans, I place a high value on feeling and being free. We live, after all, in “the land of the free.” As a psychotherapist and meditation teacher, I am interested in...

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Life From Death

Last weekend while hiking in the nature preserve near where I live, I noticed hundreds of young piñon trees sprouting up in the forest. They were growing in the vicinity of the decaying remains of the piñons that died about a decade ago from the drought and bark...

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The Art of Time Traveling

Everywhere you look, you'll find people coaching you to be more present. It's the catch phrase in psycho-spiritual circles. The reason for that is the mind has a propensity to travel through time. It doesn't recognize the boundaries we place on experience. If you...

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The Gift in Slowing Down

It's so easy in the fast pace of modern life to get going at such a pace that we forget to look around and notice where we are. This is especially true when we're focused on a specific goal or destination. We lose sight of the journey itself and all the sights along...

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The Magic of Rosen

I recently began trading Rosen Method Bodywork sessions with a colleague. It's been a while since I received this work and I am feeling grateful for the opportunity. I had forgotten how powerful it is, and how profound it is to be touched in this way. There's...

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Anxiety as Gatekeeper II

I wrote before about anxiety as the gatekeeper, and specifically addressed how it can be safeguarding other emotions that you've learned from your family are dangerous or taboo. But anxiety can also be the guardian of the threshold as you venture forth into life and...

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Anxiety as Gatekeeper I

I've come to think of anxiety as a gatekeeper. It lets you know when you're getting too close to some internal or external experience that's off bounds. This can take a variety of forms. For example, internally it can mean you're getting close to some emotion or...

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Post-Perú Musings III

When I was in Perú, communing with the plants in the jungle, I was told by one of the facilitators there, that all the shamans in the jungle came to the decision to make the plant medicine available to the wider world at the same time. The plants told them that it was...

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Post-Perú Musings I

I just came back from a month-long immersion retreat in the Amazon jungle of Perú where I drank plant medicine in ceremony with native Shipibo healers. It has given me a lot to ponder and integrate. We started each day with a yoga class and finished with a silent...

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