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Awaken to Your True Self
Transform Worry and Anxiety
into Courage and Purpose

Welcome! Since you've found your way here, you're probably feeling vulnerable. Something has happened to disrupt your life and you're realizing that you're stuck in some way.

Adding to your personal stress and anxiety is concern about the state of the world. You feel confused, overwhelmed, not so sure of yourself anymore. You hurt inside for yourself and also for the earth and all its creatures.

Maybe your relationships aren't working, or you don't want to burden your friends with your problems. Despite the inner work you've done already, you see patterns that are repeating themselves. This is frustrating and adds to your self-doubt.

Whatever the cause, you've awakened to the necessity for change and are seeking therapy to assist and support you through it. Congratulations! It takes courage to reach out and ask for help. I know how scary it is to open up and let a stranger into your inner world. So let me reassure you.

Whatever you are facing right now, you don't have to do it alone. You don't need to spend your nights worrying, thoughts spinning out of control, wondering what's going to happen to you or the world, and what to do next. Together we will create a safe space for you to explore and discover what this time in your life is about and where it is leading you. Right now fear and self-doubt are making it hard for you to go deep enough to get your own answers. So we will begin by calming your fears and anxiety so you can relax into the process.

Take a deep breath... Slow down... Feel your body...

Using my unique blend of psychotherapy, bodywork, energy work, and meditation, we can get your life back on purpose. Creating a container of safety and trust, we will gently dissolve and move through the obstacles that are holding you back from a truly fulfilling life.

Through this powerful, integrative healing work you will:

*Reduce anxiety and stress and experience more relaxation and ease.
*Develop a sense of security and safety.
*Heal trauma and wounds from the past.
*Feel more alive and present in your life.
*Listen to and follow your own inner wisdom.
*Improve and deepen relationships.
*Reconnect with your life purpose.
*Have the courage to live your dreams.

Here is the next step to take towards your new life:

Call to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation: 505-577-4607.

Diana Lightmoon, LPCC, LMT

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Diana Lightmoon is a leading expert in body psychotherapy, blending the latest in neuroscience and attachment theory with the knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions to bring about the most effective change.

She is has studied in depth and is certified in AEDP (Accerlerated Experiental Dynamic Psychotherapy), Rosen Method Bodywork, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and blends these modalities to resolve anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and relationship issues.

She also teaches meditation and brings the wisdom and compassion garnered from twenty-five years of a daily meditation practice into her work. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, and groups.

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